Customer data is the Internet’s new currency. To leverage the hidden potential, you need a reliable and compliant ecosystem.
Nowadays companies spend billions of dollars every year to collect, authenticate and protect their customer data, but still end up with increasing processing costs, poor customer satisfaction and ROI.


PIKCiO provides a secure and GDPR-compliant blockchain-based customer data exchange platform. Smart services built around the needs of customers for the benefit of businesses.

Blockchain for Personal Data Privacy in Healthcare


Is GDPR’s enforcement a permanent slowdown for non-compliant companies


PIKCiO has won "Visa’s Everywhere Initiative" in Tokyo!


Exploring how data marketplaces could be improved with a blockchain-based identity


The Pikcio platform will improve the collection, certification and exchange of customer data. Customer data is fully protected while data acquisition and management is simplified for businesses.


PIKCiOCHAIN is a secure and GDPR-compliant blockchain-based customer data exchange platform. It provides the world’s first monetized customer data marketplace. The data is stored and transferred in a peer to peer way. A permissioned blockchain allows for the user to remove his data either partly or completely, which makes PIKCiOCHAIN the only blockchain on the market fully compliant with new regulatory legislation, like GDPR. PIKCiOCHAIN lets businesses trade and exchange customer data with absolute confidence and trust. It also empowers individuals, giving them the control of their own data and enabling them to participate in the monetization loop.


One Wallet, one KYC, one stop shop ICOs are required to comply with many regulations, for example regulations around KYC/ AML. What does that mean ?
- High costs for ICO companies, having to comply to additional, legally required processing steps
- Bad customer experience for ICO buyers, having to send KYC documents to every single token sale. Make it easy for everyone to participate!
With “The Wallet”, buyers only need to go through the KYC process once to participate in new token sales. Sellers have access to an “on the shelf” solution and an array of already qualified buyers.


An expert team will be available, to respond in a timely manner to your specific needs. Together with them, you will be able to use all the generic Pikciochain building blocks, to get the most out of your applications and in turn empower the services you provide to your customers. Design, test and develop your applications directly on the Pikciochain to unleash the full potential of your services.



Proof of usage goes live on Testnet


The Wallet Android Application launch


Desktop & IOS Version of The Wallet

PIKCiOCHAIN is data agnostic, in order to manage and handle a wide range of use cases and products. This encompasses corporate as well as personal data. PIKCiOCHAIN solves legislative and technological aspects, as well as data privacy challenges. The first solutions on the Pikciochain have been developed in the banking, insurance and health care sectors. The open platform concept allows companies to create solutions on the PIKCiOCHAIN, tailor made for their respective industry sector.


KYC as a service
Business Certificate
Traceable exchange
Automated credit process
Proof of compliance


Identification as a Service
Claims process acceleration
Smart contracts
Automated data updated
Proof of compliance

Human Resources

Employer ID as a Service
Traceable exchange
Data reconciliation
Educational & Performance bots
Proof of compliance


Patient ID as a Service
Traceable exchange
IOT data reconciliation
Tele medical bots
Proof of compliance


Student ID as a Service
Traceable exchange
Data reconciliation
Educational bots
Proof of compliance


Customer ID as a service usage
Trust Capital Index
Mutualized data pool access
Individualized marketplace
Proof of compliance


Digital Identification as a service
Traceable exchange
Form pre-filling
Data reconciliation
Proof of compliance

Home Automation

Home unit identification as a service
Utility data
House management bots
IOT data protection
Proof of compliance

BNP PARIBAS Personal finance - CETELEM

Cetelem is a personal credit service provider. PikcioChain is connected through the Plug & Play Accelerator, to design a mobile solution for KYC information collection. Collection and authentication of information (proof of residency and revenue) are integrated into a chatbot for personalized customer communication, allowing a streamlined online credit request process.


Cardif is an international insurance company. PikcioChain is handling the data of Cardifs insured customers and is connected to four different data source for claim authentication, allowing a faster and less expensive underwriting process. GDPR-compliance for customer data access and control plays a key role in this engagement.

BNP PARIBAS Wealth management

BNP Wealth Management aims to manage and grow its clients' wealth by offering them customised investment solutions. Pikcio is helping them to remove friction in customer account opening, securing the data exchange and enhancing the customer experience. We are experimenting the Peer to peer exchange of documents to build the KYC in order to open up new horizons around customer data collection & certification.


P2link is a telemedicine service provider. PIKCiOCHAIN is connecting patient data from the patient’s home with the P2link caregivers, creating a redundant network and ensuring a trustable fallback for all data entries.

Pikcio AG, the company which owns and develops the Pikcio network was founded by Didier Collin de Casaubon, Cherie Arruda, Gonzague Grandval, Fabien Bucamp and Jorick Lartigau.
The company consists of 50 employees based all around the world. Further information about our founders and other notable team members can be found below:

Didier Collin de Casaubon
Didier Collin de Casaubon

CEO & Co-founder

Didier Collin de Casaubon
Jorick Lartigau

Labs coordination & Co-founder

Didier Collin de Casaubon
Fabien Bucamp

CTO & Co-founder

Didier Collin de Casaubon
Cherie Arruda

Planning Risk & Control Management, Co-founder

Didier Collin de Casaubon
Gonzague Grandval

Products & Co-founder

Didier Collin de Casaubon
Anne Leslie


Didier Collin de Casaubon
Aurélien Coget

Services coordination

What is GDPR and why is it so important with regards to personal data?

What is KYC and why is it such a good use case of Pikcio ?

With data stored on individual devices, what happens in the event of a crash or theft ?

Grand prix banque 2017 & innovation
Grand prix banque 2017 & innovation
Grand prix banque 2017 & innovation

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